Self Portrait

Here is my self portrait! I wanted to make a family photo, and over time I spent planning it morphed into a family picnic. My plans originally had more people, but for the sake of my sanity. I definitely could have spent many more hours on this project, but I am trying to look after myself and not overdo it. I had a really fun time running inside and changing outfits between takes and thinking it was going to be cloudy and then it WASN’T and so I was also racing the sun. But thank goodness for Lightroom! I know I could’ve made something more aesthetic but I’m happy with how this turned out.

Process~ I thought the blanket would pose a big problem for me, but the way the checkered pattern and the folds of the fabric come together, masking multiple pictures was surprisingly easy. Masking was also pretty easy with the random leaves and grass areas, but where the subjects and objects overlap I had to pay more attention. I had an interesting time masking half of the ukulele case from the player on the left with the case at rest in the background picture. The cookie bin was also a challenge because the hand reaching in wasn’t quite making it, so I had to move it over while still making it look realistic.