Kirsten Lepore

Kirsten Lepore is an animator who specializes in stop motion. I absolutely love her work and she is probably one of my favorite artists so far. She started off using her dad’s camcorder as a kid, and then got her Bachelor’s in Maryland and her Masters in California. The amount of time and detail that goes into all of these videos impresses me to no end and honestly inspires me to want to keep creating and making my own things.

Bottle was the first video (besides “Hi, Stranger“) that I watched of Lepore’s. I was really captivated by the combination of stop motion and the live element of the water. Wordless animations are my favorite, because they can be understood across language barriers. The ending was also abruptly sad and peaceful at the same time.

Move Mountain was the next video that got my attention. Again, there aren’t any words so the piece is easy to understand. I liked the creativity (like the cave/dance scene) and ability of the video to be interpreted many ways. I also just liked looking at the stop-motion and wondering about the technicalities and how Lepore went about making it. Oh, lastly, I thought the hand-booping was the most adorable thing.

This short ad is a different style than the rest of Lepore’s work, so it caught my attention. The colors were bold and the sounds were lovely (I loved the “…hey”). It was also cool to read that the entire thing was actually made and shot in the back of the Mini Countryman, it gave Lepore an extra challenge that she worked through brilliantly.