Pipilotti Rist

From an interview I watched, I think Rist is a genius weirdo. She is very conscious of peoples’ connection with nature and the human experience (both emotion and the connection people share) but can be a bit odd and out of the norm (which is no bad thing). Rist often works with video installations, photos, and video sculptures.

Tyngdkraft, var min van, (Gravity Be My Friend)

I thought these types of installations Rist creates were so different from other forms of art I really want to experience them myself. Lying down and letting the feeling of gravity be less noticeable, and then be fully immersed in the experience of what’s in front of you. I think the art is definitely less content focused and more focused on the evoking of emotions and sensations.

The contrasting videos in this display both illicited my attention while not fighting for it. Just watching the woman smash the windows was very satisfying, and I kept wondering if the cop in the background was going to do anything, but by their demeanor I realized they were probably in on the whole video. I didn’t notice the thing she was carrying was one of the plants until near the end when the quality was better, but that tied in the other video a lot. The use of colors, especially red, green, and blue, was really well executed and the blending of the videos didn’t seem sudden at all.

Pixel Forest

This art installation of Rist’s is magical, ethereal, and interactive. Rist describes the experience as replicating neurons in the brain, and people at the exhibit relating to it even if they don’t know why. It is a very personal experience but it is also shared among everyone in the room at the time.