Takeshi Murata

Seahorse, 2017
Pigment print

Murata works with digital still lifes and glitch video art through CGI technology. I read that much of his focus is on shorts that alter older films and TV shows, but I had a very difficult time finding any copies. I noticed he sells his art for thousands of dollars (on arsty.net)

The piece of the seahorse to the left made me really look into the colors and shadows that make this CGI animal look real. I was really captivated by the shape, dimension, and shine of the creature and I tried to think of how Murata would even create this (of course, he’s using software I probably don’t even know the name of). Its intricacy encouraged me to look closely at all of the fine details, and the solid background made the image pop even more.

I found what I assume is a secondhand version of Murata’s “Monster Movie”. The music and the glitch-art blended well together, though I was quickly both bored and uncomfortable by the video. In an interview with Murata, he said he included story arcs even when the video itself was abstract. I guess I could kind of parse together an arc for this video if forced to, thanks to the title and the colorful reuse of old monster videos, but I don’t see as much value to the piece as others seem to.

This last piece, Melter 3-D, I really like. It is a “sculptural animation” which uses movement of the sculpture and strobe lights to create the illusion of moving water. It’s said to be “by definition a zoetrope” which led me down a long rabbit hold of zoetropes and unrelated YouTube videos. But, I still really enjoyed looking at this artwork for a long time. Once knowing how it operated, if I looked closely I could see the repeating patterns, but it never lost the original illusion which was really impressive to me.