My overall goal of making these gifs was to mess around with my style and different types of gifs. I used pictures and video, using iMovie on the second video in order to cut out two chunks to make it much shorter but look like it were natural. It was fun making all different kinds of things rather than forcing myself to stick to one aesthetic.


After learning about Kirsten Lepore, I knew stop motion would be hard but sheesh. This little flying plant is something I drew my sophomore year, and I wanted to give it some life. Sadly, it fell into my hot chocolate so I had to stop filming and work with just the pictures I had. I could’ve taken much more time on this to balance all the colors but honestly was ready to be done. Yes, this little plant is supposed to represent me: I love plants, this caramel hot chocolate, and this mug is one of my favorites (there’s a little sun on the bottom when you’re done drinking!).


This gif shows one of my favorite chores: vacuuming. It is so satisfying to me and I will gladly vacuum any room (you can hire me if you’d like). My running in pajamas made me think of when you forget to do chores as a kid and you realize mom/dad will be home any minute. It looks like the video isn’t a perfect loop, but I swear it is, my phone just tried to refocus at the end since I ran in front of it.


This video is take two (or 20, technically) since the first one inexplicably shook despite being stable on my dresser (it was too shook by the spookiness, I guess). Making the eye move was a challenge since the flashing light on my eye made masking not effective on a stagnant face. So, I had to find a frame of my eye looking at the camera that was the same shade as the base face and paste the eye perfectly on each layer I wanted to look at the camera. My friends told me to call it quits and just do the candle, but I was too stubborn. Also, Jason said he was creeped out by nonmoving people in cinemagraphs, so I purposefully made this extra creepy.