Robert Beatty

Robert Beatty is an American artist and musician who often creates album covers and article featured images. He specializes in psychedelic artwork that emits a deep nostalgia for the sixties and eighties. Geometric shapes dominate his art, along with a vintage grainy filter that distinguishes it away from modern digital art.

Beatty’s work is odd enough that it demands I spend more time trying to understand it than I would other works of art. Some pieces are really intriguing to me and I like looking at them and all the parks that make them up. On the other hand, some pieces seem to have meaning far beyond what I can comprehend or what I even want to comprehend.

I had some of his music playing in one tab as I looked at artwork, and it honestly creeped me out too much to keep it open. While I enjoy the experimental nature of his work, I couldn’t scroll through most of Beatty’s work before being overwhelmed by a strange sense of melancholia. To preserve my headspace, I won’t dwell too much on his work (sorry Robert).

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