Project 1

Our first project was to create two abstract patterns. Overall, mine seemed to follow a spooky theme. Can you tell I’m ready for fall?

“Ghost Wedding”

In coming up with the idea for my first design, I know I wanted to use ghosts and ravens in some form. Placing the ghosts on the final canvas revealed a scene I didn’t intend to create. GHOST WEDDING!! It was beautiful. If the ghosts had tear ducts or corporeal forms at all they would have all cried. I was happy with the accidental way I changed the eyes on the ghosts (it was just a scaling error on the left, and then I edited to make the ones on the right). The birds are the only thing I would change since they are breaking the reality of being in the sky by not having their wings extended. Oh well, it’s still cute.

“Perfect Match”

My second design went through many iterations while I decided what I wanted my theme to be. I initially wanted to create my own version of a bowling alley carpet, then I wanted to make something retro, then something park-themed, then I thought of the pack of Virginia State Park matches I use for my candles (and a match-themed carpet someone I know owns). I didn’t want all the matches to be upright, so I rotated them and moved them around to see how I liked them. From that, the swirl was created. The warm colors are very calming to me, so this pattern is something I can just stare at and be happy.