Turbo Shrew Albums

Before their debut 2008 album Squandered, the band was originally called This is not for you. But, after deciding they wanted to be more unique, they changed their name to the iconic Turbo Shrew.


The band took a break in 2011, with the original drummer and bassist splitting due to personal reasons. Then Turbo Shrew came back into the music scene with their record-breaking album Desperately Unrehearsed in 2016.


Well-known songs of theirs include taste it but sparingly, from one bitter root, My Karma ran over your dogma, you never had flashes before your eyes, between the disastrous and the unpalatable, and employment for economists.

This was a really fun project for me that I probably could’ve spent less time on but I got so absorbed hours went by without me knowing. I had to stop myself from actually spending too much time on the three albums. I used this image of a goat, this picture of a cat being booped, and lastly this awesome dramatic photo. I settled on the font andale mono for the band name on all of my album for the sake of unity. I messed around with the burn tool and the dodge tool to get the image behind the text to really show like I wanted it to. I also used the drop shadow effect often on my text to add to the readability. For the Desperately Unreheared text, I rasterized the text and then warped it to look like it was sitting on the window sill. Lastly, to create the effect on refuge of a scoundrel, I highlighted the text and screenshotted the PSD document (I honestly knew I could’ve messed around and figured out a way to actually keep in in photoshop but I was getting a little braindead at that point).

For the album names, I got them from these quotes: refuge of a scoundrel, the rest I just squandered, desperately unrehearsed.