Sound Walk

Sound walk – complete!

This audio piece is meant to be listened to on Ball Circle (at UMW). Theoretically, the listener can be at any grassy area near at least one building. I was really excited to make something with a narrative (the Creative Writing major in me crawling out from under her blanket) and I also wanted to play with the medium directly and get a little meta with it, but I won’t spoil anything here. Knowing we would be listening in a group, I almost wrote it with our class specifically in mind, but I instead opted to make it versatile to work individually or in a group.

I’ve worked with audio before using Audacity, so learning a new audio program was fun though took a little rewiring and figuring out how Audition works. I wish I had spent more time on directions of the sound and balancing everything just right, though I am still very happy with what I ended up with. The HCC somehow didn’t have any handheld audio recorders, so I got one that plugged into my phone and used that. I recorded my vocals outside behind the HCC, then I stood out on Ball for a few minutes just recording sounds of doors opening and people talking and walking by. The other audio I go from freesound.