Final ~ Pitch!

As I’ve mentioned before, I love the YouTuber KickthePJ. His short stories are simple and yet incredibly creative and inspiring to me.

I like his look of semi-animation, which uses drawings and moving colors to create the appearance of movement. My final will not look like PJ’s at all aesthetically, but his work is definitely my inspiration.

So, for my final project, I would like to make a video by drawing my own animations (using illustrator) and putting them over photos I take (possibly some video as well). I’d like to create a little story out of the pictures, and if I have time add a voiceover and maybe even add music.

I already have a loose theme I would like to use (most vague hint in the world: rocks) and a few locations where I would like to take pictures. To start, I might do a little story boarding and location scouting (aka walking around campus different ways as I go to class), though I think more of the story will come to me as I actually go out and take the photos/videos.